Ethical Intimates


It’s February… that means Valentine’s Day and all the roses, chocolate and lingerie ads that come with it! I love, love. I’ve never been one to hate on Valentine’s Day, but this year, it kind of irked me. Not Valentine’s day itself, but all the ads and marketing! It’s like everywhere I look here’s an ad for bras and panties or chocolates or roses; each company competing with the next for the consumer. I get it, it’s how the world works, every company wants you to buy their stuff. But you know what they don’t tell you… ok anyone who reads my blog knows the answer to that question. They don’t tell you how their product is produced and the impacts that came with it.

I’m not going to name names, but lots of the major lingerie/under garment companies have major dirt on their hands. Just think about it, how is 5 for $25 a good deal for the people who make the panties? See, I didn’t name names 😉 I know it hurts, that deal is so so good, but we have to at least attempt to be conscious consumers if we want change. Fast fashion is taking over and no one focuses on how well made their undies are, they just want something cute and cheap. As a broke college student, I can sympathize with that, but I still think we can do better.

Even if you can’t afford ethical, sustainable fashion all the time,( I know I can’t) you can try to buy a few ethical pieces here and there. And what better pieces to choose ethically than the pieces you wear closest to your body…. lingerie!
Here I want to share my favorite sustainable/ethical undergarment brands! Let’s do this!


Ethical/Sustainable Lingerie Brands

Sokoloff – gorgeous lace pieces, somewhat trendy and very delicate/intricate designs. The body suit I’m wearing in the photo above is by them!

Underprotection – cute full coverage pieces that are comfortable and classy.

Naja – the best NUDE collection ever for ALL skin tones. Plus some cute lace and cheeky pieces.

Azura Bay – online store with a mix of all these brands and more.

Cosabella – European lace lace lace lace lace.

Only Hearts – Naughty and raunchy to classy and modest, you’ll find everything here.

Stella McCartney – ecochic at its best; lacy balconette bras, push up and more.

For Love and Lemons – on trend pieces that might cost a little extra, but they’re totally gram-able.

Brooke There – comfy, cozy pieces that you can wear to bed or anytime!

PACT – the best organic cotton undies you’ll ever find!

Woron – classic, simple panties and soft bras for everyday.


I hope this helps babes! Being conscious is key, not everyone can go all out and buy 100% ethical and sustainable, but every bit counts! Plus, who wouldn’t want to wear some of these gorgeous pieces? Happy shopping, and happy love day!



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