Go-To Sustainable Brands

5341554_origIt’s hard reading labels, researching brands and scouring the internet for info on how ethical and eco-friendly clothing companies are… so I did the hard part for you. I get asked what brands I buy all the time, so I figured a little list might help! Of course this isn’t a full list, but here are some of my favorites!

Going out / Work / Semi-Casual

Elborne – Great site for basics, cottons, jeans and a lot of fun “going out” items! My jeans in the photo above are from their collection of 501 Levi’s!

Zady – Sweaters, jackets, pants… you name it, they have it, and it’s made by their standards (which are super clean). This brand is all around perfect.

Everlane – Super cool site (and app!) for everyday basics, shoes, menswear, sweaters, everything! They even explain how all their products are made and tell you the “true cost.”

Reformation – Always my favorite, I have a post about Ref in the fashion section too. I’m wearing their sweat shirt-shirt in the photo above.

American Apparel – Made in USA! Super fun items and everyday basics.

Athletic / Casual

Beyond Yoga – Made in USA yoga clothes! Which is always better because here in the USA, we have stricter standards on labor practices and better waste management.

Patagonia – Who doesn’t love their clothing? Best winter wear ever. They give back, they sustainably source everything and they have truly well made products.

Alternative apparel – Basics, workout, lounge, and outerwear… all eco-friendly and sustainable. This is my go to site.


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