Loving Lately: Nisolo Shoes!

Spring is here, that means sandal season! Sort of… it hasn’t been above 60 degrees in Seattle yet, so I’ve only thought about wearing sandals. Even though it’s still cold here, while creating my spring capsule, I realized I needed some neutral sandals. So naturally, I checked out the Nisolo site for sandals and found the perfect pair! Seriously these sandals are so comfortable and match every outfit! After trying out the shoes and learning more about the brand I decided to apply to be an affiliate for them and, well, now I’m an affiliate! Which is super exciting because I am so passionate about their shoes and ethics and all I want to do is share more and more about them! Which reminds me, let’s chat about them 😉

About Nisolo

Nisolo was started out of the desire to respect and care for the people that make our shoes. Founders, Patrick and Zoey wanted to change the cycle of fast fashion with shoes. Patrick met a shoe maker on a trip to Peru and was captivated with his work, so he decided that he would start Nisolo with Zoey. With their combined knowledge of business and fashion, they started a shoe company that actually cares about their producers and environment. They built their factory from the ground up, hired  artisans from the area and Nisolo was born. Now they employ over 350 individuals, and they do it ethically. The shoemakers get paid vacation, healthcare, a fair wage, and skills training to name a few perks. They focus on paying their artisans enough money so that they can send their kids to school, something that is rare in the community. They also use ethical tanneries that are committed to the ethcical treatment of animals and only use leather that is a byproduct of the meat industry. They constantly look for ways to improve sustainability and make fashion ethical. This is really ground breaking in the fashion world, and makes me happy to buy their shoes. Watch the video below to hear the founder talk about Nisolo and their impact!

Check them out!

I can’t say enough good things about Nisolo, they really are the gold standard for ethical fashion. They also have AMAZING shoes that are comfortable and stylish, at a very fair price.  I LOVE my sandals by them and can’t wait to buy more shoes from them… like these slides.

Don’t just take my word for it though, use my link to check out their shoes and buy a pair for yourself! They have lovely mens and women styles that work with all outfits. Trust me, these are shoes that you will wear over and over again.


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