New Favorite Flip Flops

img-4124_origOoooh flip flops. You used to buy them at Old Navy for $2 and throw them out at the end of summer…or maybe you still use them as shower shoes. Everyone has owned one pair, two pairs… Maybe more of the cheap plastic kind, not thinking about all the plastic that goes into them. Maybe you upgraded and forked over $45 for Rainbow flip flops and suffered through the first week of breaking them in. Don’t get me wrong, I love Rainbows. Maybe you wear Tevas or Crocs or some other more ecofriendly brands…but I found something better.


These flip flops are the! They’re environmentally friendly, comfortable and they have multiple colors! They’re also cute, like you could wear them out and no one would know that they’re sustainable and comfy.
Check them out here!


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