Spring Capsule Wardrobe!

I’ve done it… I switched to a capsule wardrobe.

I took the leap guys, I formed a capsule wardrobe. Why, why, whhyyyyy? Why have I limited myself to a fraction of my closet for the season, you ask? Well, let me explain. I watched a documentary on Minimalism and had been crushing on some of my favorite bloggers capsule wardrobes for a while, but I thought I could never do it. After doing some research, I figured out that it is totally doable for anyone and can help you de-clutter your day and de-stress getting dressed! I also realized that it doesn’t need to be perfectly minimal and hard, it can be more about finding pieces you love and rotating them through seasons so that you actually enjoy all the clothes you have instead of buying without taking stock of what you already have. With that being said, here’s my top 5 reasons to start a capsule wardrobe!

You’ll Be Classically Trendy:
This whole idea started when I started buying more sustainable clothes. Slowly, I’ve been replacing old or non-ethical pieces in my closet with new, sustainable pieces. This has not happened fast, I’m a student and am ballin’ on a budget! So as I slowly revamp my closet, I’m realizing that I wear the same ethical pieces over and over because I just like them better and feel better about them. I realized the quality, classic pieces I have always get worn, while some old items sit there until I find an event they work for. With a capsule wardrobe, you will always look “on trend” because you will always wear classic pieces.

It Will De-Stress Getting Dressed: 
Another thing about me is that I usually live in workout clothes. I’m always wearing leggings and a sports bra  to the gym and then end up spending the rest of the day in those clothes because I have to walk the dog or something. So then, when I actually go somewhere besides the gym, I look in my closet  and have a meltdown because I have to put a real outfit together.  I eventually realized that my go to outfit is always jeans, a white tee and chucks or my Everlane oxfords. When you’re a student, or even just a busy person, fast, low stress outfits are important. When your closet is filled with sh*t, its a lot harder to visualize your options and form an outfit. In a capsule, you see what you have, almost everything matches and you can mix and match quickly.  When you need an outfit fast, less is more.

Minimalism Works:
My boyfriend and I recently watched a documentary called  “Minimalism”  on Netflix, you gotta watch it. I’ve always been a believer in getting rid of stuff I don’t need but this docu really made me think. I don’t think I could live as minimalistic as they do, but I’m taking some tips from them. We recently cleaned out our whole apartment and got rid of everything we don’t need, so naturally our closets followed suite. I felt SO good getting rid of clothes I don’t wear, of course we donated everything, which made me feel good too. Living with just the things you need, feels really liberating and freeing, we both felt like a weight was lifted when we got rid of all the stuff we don’t use/wear. It just feels lighter when you have less, especially in your closet.

Seasonal Clothes Are For Seasons:
Why is there a wool coat laying around in your closet during summer? Or short shorts laying around in the winter? These clothes we don’t use seasonally end up just sitting in our closet, cluttering our space and our head for that matter. When you switch to a capsule you can rotate your clothing seasonally. This way, you will actually enjoy the clothes you have and it will actually feel like your getting new clothes whenever the seasons change.

It Saves Space And Money:
Capsule wardrobes are a great idea for anyone trying to save space. If you’re a college student living out of a dorm or you live in a tiny one bedroom apartment and share a closet with your significant other like me, space is always an issue. Capsules to the rescue! With a capsule you can store the clothes that you aren’t using and free up some space. You all save money. The whole point of capsule wardrobes is to simplify and save. You won’t be going shopping all the time, instead you’ll look for quality pieces to add to your capsule rotation. No more wasting money on clothes you won’t even wear!


My Capsule

This is my first time creating a capsule so I’m sure I will find mistakes and wish I added something or took something out but its a learning process. I’m just excited that I now have WAY less to choose from everyday and lots of springy outfits to look forward to.

Once I get better at this I will definitely post tips and tricks and maybe even consistently share my capsules as I rotate through seasons. For now, I’ll share my spring capsule! Im super excited about all of these pieces because almost every single one is sustainable/ethical! Some pieces are just pieces I’ve had forever and haven’t replaced with something better yet. I have a pair of MadeWell jeans because I turned in a pair of mine to their recycling program and got $20 off a pair of theirs. They’re not 100% sustainable, but its a step in the right direction. There’s also a couple shirts that aren’t from sustainable brands but again, I’ve had them and they still look nice so I haven’t replaced them. Im featuring lots of stuff from Everlane and Amour Vert, two of my favorite brands ever! Also, my Patagonia Rain jacket… it is a must keep in Seattle.

The only thing I’m not doing yet is tapping into my workout clothing. I already have a pretty easy system for my workout clothes and I’m not ready to capsulize them yet. This capsule will only include street/going out clothes that are NOT for the gym, so basically I will dress from my capsule for everything except when I go to the gym/workout/walk the dog. I’m ok with this though because I really only own black capris or leggings and white or black sports bras anyways … I guess I’ve been a minimalist all along! I also didn’t include accessories like belts or my purse because I never change those up and only have 2 options as it is. Maybe for summer I’ll do 2 capsules, a workout capsule and a street wear capsule? The Minimalism Gods will hate me for that but this whole capsule thing is about simplifying, not being perfect!

My main goal here is just to get away from fast fashion and simplify my closet. I’m not going for anything super minimalistic, but I want to start recognizing what I have and wearing it so I don’t need to buy more pieces than what I need. I ended up with 26 pieces (one of the white tops I have 2 versions of) plus 8 pairs of shoes. Soooo small compared to what I’m used to, but I feel lighter!

Ok look at my capsule! You can also download the pic for future inspiration 😉


Capsule Details

Thats it! I can’t believe this is my wardrobe for spring and nothing else. For anyone wondering about trying this but not wanting to get rid of your other clothes, don’t! I basically pushed everything else in my closet to the side and just have this capsule in the middle to pull from. I would never get rid of clothes that I still like and it was too scary to store all my other clothes away. Keeping my other clothes at a distance was easier for me. They’re almost out of sight & out of mind but, if I really need something, its there. Ok let’s get to the details now!

Starting from left to right, top to bottom, here we go.


– White collared tee- American Apparel, mine is from a few years ago so it’s slightly different.
– White long sleeve and body suit- This is a 2 in one photo, I have a body suit and a regular white long sleeve for when I’m not game to have a bodysuit up my butt. Both are from American Apparel, again.
– White collared shirt- this another one I’ve had forever, mine is from Thred Up!
– White turtle neck – Everlane!
– White tee- Everlane, again, because I’m obsessed with them.
– Black cropped long sleeve – Mine is slightly different than the photo , it’s from Reformation.
– Sailor 3/4 sleeve – Believe it or not, this one is Patagonia.
– Blue and white striped shirt dress- Perfect for spring, this one is from Everlane.
– Off the shoulder white top – American Apparel. I love this for spring when its warm but not warm enough for a short sleeve.
– Red and white breton shirt- Amour Vert, one of my absolute favorite sites for spring looks!
– Cream sweater – American Apparel, I know, lots of AA, but it’s a good choice for students, they’re affordable and ethical.
– Black turtle neck – Still don’t remember where I got this, I think I snagged it at Nordstrom Rack, Everlane has a better version on their site.


– Down Jacket- Patagonia, I wear this thing almost daily, it’s a life saver for someone who’s always cold.
– Jean Jacket- Paige denim, another find on Thred Up!
– Black cropped bomber – Everlane  !
– Black trench- Again, Everlane.
– Tan cropped trench – Amour Vert. I LOVE this for spring, it’s pricey, but you’ll wear it all the time!


– Red wide leg pants- Elborne, I got these on sale a few weeks ago and they are soooo comfy and cute!
– Flare Jeans- Levi’s! I found these on HauteLook a while back and cut them myself, Levi’s has some new ones now that are also part of their Water<Less campaign.
– Jean skirt- Amour Vert ! I cannot wait to wear this when the weather warms up!
– Black Leggings- Girlfriend… these are amazing.
– Medium light jeans- Wedgie Fit Levi’s.
– Ripped Jeans- MadeWell, mentioned these above, I used their recycling program.
– Medium Jeans – Joes Jeans, I’ve had these for years so I’m not sure where I got them.
– Vintage straight jeans- Levi’s again, got these on Elborne!


– Tan Mules- Everlane. These are my go-to shoe for anything!
– Tan Oxford – Everlane. Fav Oxfords EVER.
– Tan slides – Nisolo. I’m an affiliate for Nisolo and I can say they have the best shoes ever!
– White slide on loafers – Everlane. Just got these and can’t wait to wear them!
– Black chelsea boot – Cole Hann – I swooped these at Costco! Not the best brand, but I needed some black boots and they were super cheap, I couldn’t resist.
– Cream bootie – Fortress of Inca, another one of my favorite ethical shoe brands.
– Red Flats – Vince Camuto, I’ve had these forever and never wear them, I thought spring would be a good time to break them out.
– White sneakers- Converse Chuck Taylor, who doesn’t have a pair of these?


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