Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide

With the holiday sneaking around, often times I get called the Grinch. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the holidays, I love Christmas and I love spending time with family. I just can’t bring myself to terms with the massive amount of mindless consumerism that goes on during the holiday season.  People buy things they don’t need from companies that outsource to places that pay their workers in pennies. The gifts you buy your family members to make them happy could have been produced by child slavery, or in factories that have burned down and killed people. If you want to know more about this I suggest watching the movie, The True Cost. It is on Netflix and is absolutely eye opening for everyone who hasn’t heard of the tragedies caused by fast fashion. Most people don’t realize what a big issue this is, and how their shopping can change lives. You can chalk up your purchases to “I just can’t afford it” or “whatever, it was cheap,” but this impacts so many people besides ourselves. So yes, I can be a Grinch around Christmas when I see people gifting each other items that have caused others their lives. Or when I get presents that I wouldn’t support or buy because I know the “true cost”. So I encourage everyone to watch the movie and think about the gifts you are buying. Also, check out the Fashion Revolution Instagram and website for more information.

With that being said, there are some companies that are doing things right. People are actually waking up to what fast fashion is doing to the world. There are better options now! Overtime I have created a list of companies that I go back to over and over again to shop from because I believe in what they are doing.  Some are better than others but all of these are truly making an effort to source from better factories, use eco-friendly practices, and do not support child slavery. Here’s my holiday gift guide!

WOOO it’s holiday time! But wait, you need to buy presents… check these places out for the perfect sustainable gifts! It’s like the paleo diet, for shopping!


For Women

Everlane : beautiful shoes, purses and accessories that are well made and ethical.
Baggu : cute totes and bags for everyone!
Naja : sexy and fun lingerie and panties
Bashford : diamonds… need I say more?
Tara Sugden : toughtful, unique jewery
Edge of Ember : edgy and awesome jewelry
Perpetuum Jewels : recreated, vintage jewelry
Alexis Russell Jewels : simple, vintage looking  jewelry (photo above is from them)
SockWell: socks!

For Men

Pact : organic cotton underwear, socks and lounge wear
ROK : cork wallets and more (they have womens purses too!)
Analog : watches… gorgeous stone or wood watches
Goorin Brothers : handcrafted, wool and straw hats (women’s too!)



For Women

For your fashionistas:
Reformation : my favorite clothing brand ever…. I mean come on
Everlane : everything sweaters and simplicity
Alternative Apparel : the best loungewear
Pact: socks and comfy clothes
People tree : ethical UK company that has great casual wear
American Apparel :  you know this one, I know you do 😉

For your sporty girls:
Athleta: They are trying to get better in their practices, making big steps toward sustainabilty.
Stella McCartney: Little pricey but Stella is commited to doing fashion better, she rocks!
First Base Fit:  Lifestyle fitness brand from Australia
Outdoor Voices: Fun, colored workout gear, designed in Colorado by the babe Tyler Haney
Patagonia: Quality, sustainable, warm… you get it.

Under Armour:

My thoughts on these: UA, Nike and Adidas are all making steps toward sustainabilty. I read all their sustainability reports and they get a silver star from me. They aren’t the best, but its a step in the right direction. I would still buy from them!

For Men

Alternative Apparel  : comfy lounge and casual wear
Silverstick: surfer inspired, casual wear
Cock and Bull : UK brand specializing in dressier items like sweaters, dress shirts and bow ties
American Apparel: always a good option for simple mens clothing



For Women and Men

Everlane : Simple streetwear pieces, oxfords, chelsea boots and flats
Fortress of Inca: Beautiful, handcrafted in Peru… booties, heels, mules and flats.
Timberland: Bet you didn’t guess this one… Timberland is sustainable and high quality!
Frye: Classic, handmade boots
Toms: I’m sure you know the story on these… one for one!
Veja: sneakers!
Native: More sneakers and casual!



For Women

Beauty Counter: The best makeup for simple, natural looks and great skincare!
100% Pure: Natural, heavenly scented makeup and skincare.
Alima Pure: Dreamy mineral foundations, blushes, bronzers and lip stains.
Juice Beauty: Simple, organic skin care.
Mineral Fusion: Affordable skin care and makeup, great assortment!
Goop: Two words, Gwenyth Paltrow
Safe and Chic: Find all the best natural cosmetics on this online boutique.

For Men

BullDog: Everything for a natural shave… and sets!
Herban Cowboy: cologne and deororant! Great womens scents too!
Beauty counter: They have mens sets!

Online ethical shops!


Elborne: online shop that has a currated assortment of great clothing and accesory finds!
Amour Vert : online shop that carries a variety of ethical brands


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