Best Natural Nail Polishes

There’s a lot of scary ingredients in nail polish but it’s so hard to find natural polishes that preform well. I used to get gel manicures all the time before I realized that the ingredients in the polish could cause cancer. I’ve also tried lots of natural options that don’t work well or chip off in the first day and that’s not worth the compromise. I just got my nails done with the mineral fusion polish and it got me thinking I should do a post about the polishes I use and the ones I avoid!

First here’s the ingredients to avoid… you want to look for “3 free” or better yet “5 free” to avoid these. Also check your polishes on the EWG database at before buying!

Ingredients to avoid:

1. Toluene

2. Formaldehyde

3. DBP

4. Formaldehyde resin

5. Camphor

I could go into the details of why all these are bad but it would bore you. Basically just avoid them or read about it more on the EWG website. Here’s the polishes I like!

Best natural polishes:

1. Mineral Fushion

2. Pacifica

3. Zoya

4. Julep “3 free”

5. Butter London “3 free”

Lastly, bring your own polish to the salon! I know it always feels awkward and rude but a lot of the time the technicians do appreciate it. I always explain to them that I want to bring my natural polish because it’s better for my health and better for them since they are breathing in the fumes. Happy polish shopping!




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