Favorite Green Beauty Brands that Work!

Choosing non-toxic makeup can be tough. There are so many options, so much “green washing” and so many bad products that make people think green beauty doesn’t look as good as department store brands. Finding the right makeup is so important for your skin and your health. The chemicals in department store or drugstore makeup can disrupt hormones, cause irritation or even lead to cancer. Choosing green beauty products can make all the difference. I’ve tried lots of different products and have a few favorite brands that I figured I would share to help all of you choose safer cosmetics. I also urge you to sign the petition for safe cosmetics led by Au Naturale, here. Happy shopping!


Favorite brands:
Au Naturale : This brand carries it all! Foundation, eye shadow, lipstick, they have you covered. They carry a range of colors and also offer samples!

100% Pure : They started out small with soaps but have expanded into scrubs, shampoos and makeup! They now have an amazing mineral powder that I use for a natural look and introduced more foundations and lip colors.

Bite Beauty : The original edible lipstick with a million different colors and textures. Bite is sold in Sephora and online.

W3LL People : Another brand that has it all. W3LL people is based on science and organic ingredients, packaged in  sleek, beautiful containers. Their bronzer was ranked in Elle Magazine and it is amazing.

Mineral Fusion : The best everyday, relatively inexpensive, makeup I’ve used. They carry a little bit of everything in natural colors and some pop lipsticks. They also make hair care and skin care and are sold in Whole Foods market so it’s very accessible.

Jane Iredale : Beautiful makeup in beautiful, reusable packaging. They are highly regarded in the green beauty world and their BB foundation has almost a cult-like following.

Alima Pure : This brand reminds me of a better Bare Essentials. They have simple packaging and mostly loose powder products. I love their foundation but have yet to try anything else.

Ilia : I’ve heard so many good things about this brand but haven’t yet tried it. Their lipsticks look gorgeous as all their products do. They offer one foundation I’m multiple shades and an impressive assortment of mascara and eyeshadow.

Fit Glow : I’ve followed this brand for a while and they keep getting better. They have a liquid foundation that is highly rated and beautiful pop colors of lipstick. The owner of the company is also super cute on Instagram and always posts inspiration things.

Elate Cosmetics : great color selection in eyeshadow sand foundation. They also package in refillable bamboo cases which are super cute and eco friendly.

Kjaer Weis : Super high quality makeup in the most gorgeous, eco-friendly packaging I’ve ever seen. I  haven’t dropped $$$ on this brand yet because the price point is a little high, but everything they sell is amazing.

Favorite Stores: I buy my cosmetics everywhere, here are my top go to stores.
Whole foods : super easy and convenient

Citrine Beauty : online boutique that carries most of the brands I just mentioned. They are really helpful and have a carefully curated section. They have an Instagram too!

Eco Diva : another online boutique that was a great collection of brands I mentioned. They also have an Instagram account.

My top tip for shopping for cosmetics is to follow your favorite brands’ Instagram and Facebook accounts and wait for them to post sales. Also, sign up for their newsletters, they will give good information and updates to keep their customers in the loop. Sometimes buying directly from the brand’s website is the way to go, especially if their offering a sweet discount that you saw on their Facebook.

Products I currently love:
Jane Iredale pressed mineral foundation- this stuff is amazing, it has SPF in it but you won’t even notice. It stays matte for hours without looking dull or cakey, and goes on super easily. Photo of this is used above!

Mineral fusion volumizing mascara- This is the only mascara I have bought a second time, I love it that much. Perfect combo of length and volume with an easy to use wand.

Bite lip stick- I just adore that I can literally eat this lipstick if I wanted to. They also have so many great colors.


Have fun shopping!




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