Gut Testing Update and My Official Protocol

Hi everyone! So a few weeks ago I posted about all the testing I did to figure out what my gut issues are and why I’m always so bloated. Since then, I got my results back and have started the protocol my nutritionist recommended. I want to give you all the details and info about the protocol and why I’m doing all this, but before I do that, I want to say that what I’m doing may not work for everyone. I do not encourage anyone to read all this and try to self diagnose themselves. I’m obviously not a nutritionist or doctor (yet, haha) but I think sharing my story can help others to discover what their own problems might be or just learn about the options that are out there for people with gastrointestinal troubles. If you are having some of the problems I’m talking about, I really encourage you to find a nutritionist or doctor that can help, and don’t self diagnose!

OK, now that I said that, let’s get to what I’m doing. I’ll be honest, these next 4 weeks are not going to be fun, this last week I have referred to my ptotocol as a diet from hell moe than a few times and not exactly in a loving tone. My tests showed that I am moderately reactive to a lot of foods and also have yeast overgrowth along with low cortisol. I will talk about all my test results first and then get to what my protocol is.


Testing :

MRT: This test is still under scrutiny in the medical community so I’m taking these results with a grain of salt, but it did show that I am reactive to a lot of foods that I already felt like I was having reactions to, so I do believe in it. Basically, my results showed that I am in the moderate reactivity zone for nightshades, wheat, some fruits, a lot of veggies, beef, turkey and salmon. See the photo on the side for details on how this test looks. It basically puts your blood in a petri dish with the food and monitors what your white blood cells do, like try to attack the food or not.

Stool test: This test showed that I have a significant amount of good bacteria but I also have A LOT of yeast bacteria, which is NOT normal. Almost no amount of candida yeast is normal to find in the gut, so this is probably the reason for my bloating.  Photo of this is here as well, so you can see what I mean.


Adrenal test: This test showed that my cortisol is actually low, this is most likely from burning out my adrenals because I am generally a stressed out person, yay! This means that my adrenal glands are producing a low amount of cortisol, which is the body’s primary stress hormone and is responsible for a lot of things like moving macronutrients into cells to be burned for fuel.

OK that’s the summary of my test results! Now onto the protocol! I started a TON of supplements and removed a TON of foods. I honestly am really stressed about all my restrictions. I already don’t eat any gluten or dairy and now I cannot have any of the foods that are a moderate yellow on my MRT along with taking supplements all day. Details are coming.


Diet protocol:
We are going all out for the first 4 weeks to really see if we can get the bloating down. The plan is to kill the yeast, get my cortisol back up and avoid my reactive foods and FODMAP foods. So first of all, to kill the yeast, for the first 4 weeks, I cant have any fruit at all because sugar feeds yeast. I also have to be careful with nuts and vinegar because both can be high in candida bacteria. Then to take down any inflammation, I cannot have any of the foods that are a moderate yellow on my MRT, so that is a lot of foods I cannot have. The MRT also showed reactivity to solanine, which is found in nightshades, so I cannot have any nightshades. In addition to this, I also have to avoid FODMAPS to keep my SIBO in check, so no garlic or onions or broccoli. While doing this I think I have figured out that SIBO is still a huge problem for me. I was eating some garlic powder and onions before and I was doing ok with it, but the other day I ate some snap peas and got really bloated and them remembered they are a FODMAP. After these first 4 weeks I will start adding in things on the yellow list and some fruits but the first month is going to be hard. Lastly, I am taking supplements and antifungals for everything, yeast, gut health and my low cortisol. Lets go over the supplements!


This is aaallllooootttt, and they were all expensive. I still don’t believe in taking very many supplements on a regular basis, but I’m willing to give all of these a try for now. I will break these down into categories by what each one is used for. I’ve linked and listed the brands first, then the specific supplements and what they do.

Adrenal support supplements :

  • Standard Process: Rhodiola and Ginseng – antioxidants, they support energy and health.
  • Biotics Research Corporation: Cytozyme PT/HPT – ground up pituitary gland from animals, I know, gross, but it is used often with adrenal problems.
  • Interplexus: Seriphos -adaptogen and adrenal support

Gut healing:

  • Designs for Health: GI Revive – this is basically just L-gutamine, which helps rebuild the gut.

Detox Support:

  • Biotics Research Corporation: MCS 2- helps detox pathways like the liver and intestines to get rid of yeast.


  • Allergy Research Group: Paramicrodin grapefruit extract – this is the anti fungal to kill the yeast, it has shown equal efficacy to antibiotics.
  • Biotics Research Corporation:  Intenzyme forte- “Bio Buster” enzymes that help improve hormone production‚ blood flow‚ and digestion.


  • Klaire Labs: Saccharomyces Boulardii or “SacBU” – beneficial yeast to help crowd out the harmful candida yeast.


That’s it!

So now you know my protocol and all the details! You can probably see why I’m calling it the diet from hell now, haha! But, I know it’s good for me and it’s only temporary. I hope to gain some insight into what my body doesn’t like, and decrease my bloating through all of this. I’ve also done a pelvic ultrasound to rule out any endometriosis or ovarian cysts, I was all clear, meaning my bloating is digestive system based. I am also considering further treatment for SIBO after this protocol, if my bloating does not subside.

In the end, I am happy and grateful that I am as healthy as I am. In the end, it could be a lot worse and I feel for people who have a lot more health problems than me. My problems are minuscule compared to others who have much bigger fish to fry. My own Dad has psoriatic arthritis, one of my aunts has eczema and both my uncles are prediabetic/diabetic. Their problems are so much bigger than mine, but seeing them go through their own struggles has motivated me to address mine before they get worse. I think addressing your problems is the best step to healing, that’s all anyone can really do, right? I mean, you can cover up your problems or just eat through the bloating or push through the pain but eventually your health needs to be addressed.

That’s why I want to share my experience and encourage everyone to get their problems checked no matter how crazy they seem. I had doctors tell me I was crazy and that the bloating wasn’t real, obviously, they were wrong. So many people and even doctors do not advocate for health, they cover up the issue with drugs or say it’s not real. If you feel like you have heath issues, you probably do, YOU know your body better than anyone else, because guess what, YOU actually live IN IT.

To wrap this up, I hope everyone can read my story and be inspired to address their own health issues. If something doesn’t feel right, see a doctor. If a mole on your arm doesn’t look good, get it checked. If you feel bloated like I do, see a nutritionist, ask questions. Doctors can only help you if you actually see them and tell them whats going on. You have to be an ADVOCATE for yourself. Advocate for your health, advocate for your sanity, advocate for your relationships. Be your own biggest supporter and don’t let anyone tell you that your problems are not real, because if you feel them, they are there. I’m living proof of this. Once I stopped believing doctors that told me nothing was wrong, that’s when I started getting better.

I love sharing my story and answering questions and helping others see the options that are out there. In the end, I want YOU to advocate for YOU and if my story helps you get there, then I’m happy. I don’t have all the answers though, I still won’t know if this protocol even works until I’m done with it, but I think its a step in the right direction and I encourage all of you to take that step too.

Yours in health, love and support,


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