Summer Citrus Body Scrub

I love body scrubs, I used to use some scary ones though. Scrubs with micro beads pollute oceans and many can contain irritating ingredients.
I prefer to use sugar or salt scrubs, but I don’t like it when they’re mixed with oils. I hate getting out of the shower covered in the oil residue and having to towel it off, gross. I’d rather just put oil on my skin after I’m out of the shower.
So I came up with his easy scrub recipe! It’s soap based so it won’t leave an oily residue and is not too abrasive. It’s great for summer or anytime you want some exfoliation.


-1 cup unscented liquid Castile soap (I use Dr. Bronners)
-4 cups sugar
-20 drops orange oil
-Large jar or container

-You can make a smaller batch if you want but the best ratio of sugar to soap is 4:1.
If you put less sugar, it’s gets a little liquidy
-Mix the soap with the orange oil in a large bowl
-Add the sugar and mix it all together
-Pour into your container and get scrubbing!


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