The new paleo cookie on the block

img-4878_2_origJack’s Paleo Kitchen!

I was out doing a demo for Primal Kitchen a few weeks ago when I ran into the owner of Jack’s Paleo Kitchen! He was sampling out cookies right next to me and I was practically drooling over them the whole time. I finally went over and talked to him, ok more like asked him about their ingredients, and he gave me some samples to try out. I got home and literally ate the whole box, they are DELICIOUS! I figured, if they’re so good and are spreading the paleo mission, the least I can do is help spread the word about their cookies. So, today I’d like to share some stuff about their company and how awesome they are, along with an interview with the owner and a list of what stores they’re available in! Jack’s is a family owned company based in Washington state. They are a family of 4 who has been leading a paleo lifestyle that led them to make these amazing cookies!
I got a chance to interview Karissa, the co-owner of Jack’s and the (K) in J.A.C.K’s cookies. Here’s what she had to say about their company!

1. What inspired you to start Jacks Paleo Kitchen?

Well it’s really a story about our family.  We’ve been eating mostly Paleo for the last few years and just feel so much better when we stick with that lifestyle.  Josh and both of our daughters are gluten intolerant, and I don’t do well when I eat dairy or sugar.  At the girls’ school they have friends who have nut allergies and we know people who have egg allergies as well.  We were looking for a way to start our own business, and it just kind of evolved from trying to make a tasty treat that nearly everyone with an allergy can eat.  Since we all contributed to the idea, we named the company after all of us.  JACK stands for Josh, Avery, Cadence, and Karissa.

2. What was the recipe testing process like and what advice can you give to those of us (like me) who struggle with recipe creation?

It was long!  I spent probably 6 months messing around with recipes and trying to make something that tasted good and had a reasonable shelf life.  I’m not really a recipe creator, or at least I wasn’t one before!  I know a lot of recipe creators are able to come up with things in just a couple of tries, but that hasn’t been the case for me.  It’s a lot more complicated when you’re creating something that’s going to be shelf stable and sold in grocery stores than it is creating something you’re going to consume in a couple of days.  Research is my best advice.  I poured over a ton of recipes as well as products that were already in stores trying to figure out the common things that made them work and played with a lot of different ingredients.

3. Where do your ingredients come from? A lot of people freak out about palm oil, can you put their minds at ease? 

We source our ingredients from a lot of places and strive to use the best quality companies and ingredients we can.  We get the majority of our products from a natural foods distributor called Glory Bee.  They are awesome and really work hard to make sure all of their ingredients are high quality and environmentally friendly.  We are really excited about our partner for our palm shortening – Palm Done Right.  They are dedicated to spreading the word that it is possible for palm oil to be sustainable and eco friendly.  You should definitely check out their website.  We only use palm shortening from Palm Done Right!

4. Since you’re paleo, I know your company is probably following sustainable business practices. What’s the production process? Is there anything cool about your sustainability that you guys do? 

Right now we are still a little company so we don’t have much of a footprint yet.  We of course recycle as much as possible and and we do use packaging made from recycled materials.  Probably the coolest thing that we do is that we don’t throw away any of our leftover dough.  When we’re done for the day there ends up being some dough left in the bottom of the depositor, and we hand scoop that and save it for samples or for doing demos at stores rather than tossing it in the garbage.

5. What stores can we find you in currently?

​ We are in about 120 stores.

{You can find all of these on their store finder, here. }

On To The Good Stuff

Seriously, these cookies are to die for. They are soft, chewy, and almost melt in your mouth. You would never know that they are paleo or healthy! They come in an assortment of flavors, my personal favorite is the trail mix bites! They’re like a granola cookie ball! They also have chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, coconut raison, ginger molasses, lemon zing, and the trail mix bites. I got to try all of them and I loved them all!
So, if you’re looking for some store bought cookies that pass the paleo test, look no further than Jack’s Paleo Kitchen! I know, for me, the clean up after baking takes way too long with my busy schedule. So having a paleo option for cookies available at most of my local grocery stores is really nice. Everyone needs a cookie every once in a while, Jack’s makes paleo cookies easy and clean-up free.
Go get your Jack’s cookies! You can buy in store or on their website! Yum!



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