Why everyone should own a cast iron pot


I have always used nonstick pans, and I always said cast iron pots were too much work… Until now. I tried to buy “green” versions of nonstick pans but there can still be some nasty stuff in the coating. My uncle, who swears by his cast iron, finally convinced me to try it. Now I’m hooked. Here’s the top reasons you should switch and some links to how to season your pan and prevent stickage in the first few times you use it.

Why buy cast iron:
1. They’re made in the USA, eco-friendly and don’t use any toxic coatings.
2. Nonstick pans emit PFOA’s which you inhale when they are heated. The coating can also breakdown and create PFIB’s. Both of these compounds are cancerous.
3. Teflon is notorious for its PFC’s that made people feel flu-like symptoms and even killed some pet birds.
4. Cast iron will eventually become nonstick! With enough use and correct washing… I promise it will.
5. It’s versatile! You can cook in it, bake in it, put it over the fire, and attack a home invader with it!
6. You can cook literally anything in them, eggs, meat, brownies, pie… Everything.
7. They don’t scratch, use any metal untensil you want and don’t worry about ruining it!
8. Cleaning is relatively easy once you get the hang of it and learn to not use soap, nothing ever will stick in them as badly as it would on stainless steel.
9. The residual iron from the pot that ends up in your food is actually good for you.
​10. They can withstand temperatures considered unsafe for other pans and will last lifetimes!

Tips for seasoning:
You can clean it with soap this time, coat it with oil, put it upside down in the oven with a layer of foil on the rack under it to catch the oil drippings and bake it. This will help season it when you first get it and you can always do this again after a lot of uses to re-season it.
Once it is seasoned you can start cooking! When it’s time to wash…Never use soap! Wash it with salt and a scrub brush then oil it after washing with coconut or olive oil.

Here’s a link for that!

There you have it!

Here’s some references for you nerds out there!


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