What I ate in a day 

I’ve been on my SIBO/yeast overgrowth protocol for over a month now. At first it was SO hard, but now I’m used to it and have a couple recipes that I keep going back to when I need something tried and true… cue instant pot chicken!

I thought it might be helpful and informative to post what I eat in a typical day. I stay low carb, high fat every day but there are some variations day to day. Ultimately though, I keep it really simple and I have a system.

When planning my meals I think “fat, protein, carb” and then “meat, veggie, starch”. What this means is that my priority is getting a good fat in, usually that goes hand in hand with my protein and then I think about a vegetable and possibly a starch. My general guidelines are 6-8 oz meat with each meal and then I add unlimited leafy greens and then about 6 oz of more starchy veggies.

I log almost all my meals in the LifeSum app, this tells me what my macronutrient ratios are. It isn’t necessary but it does help when you are trying to stay in a certain range. Like for me, I try to stay under 20% of macronutrients from carbs. Everyone has different levels of carbs their bodies can handle though. For example, my boyfriend will usually double up on whatever starch I make, or he will add something like a potatoes or some almond flour crackers.

If you want help creating a meal plan, you can contact me through the contact page! On to what I ate!


2 eggs, bacon, coffee with coconut milk and collagen powder.


Leftover salmon (6oz), greenbeans, 1/4 avocado, few pieces broccoli, I can’t have too much because it is moderate FODMAP.

Side of beet kvass with sparkling water for some extra probiotics.


Instant pot chicken thighs (7 oz) , spaghetti squash, salad with watercress, olive oil and coconut vinegar.


Coconut butter with cacao powder drizzle over blueberries and some shredded coconut.

Daily total:

I totaled at about 2,100 calories which is a high day for me, but I exercised a lot this day and burned more calories than usual. Most of my calories come from fat, which is actually healthy according to the newest research: just as Chris Kresser, Mark Hyman, Mark Sisson and a list of other doctors like Perlmutter and Josh Axe. Eating high fat and low carbs allows me to maintain my weight without really counting calories at all, is usually just eat whatever amount I need to feel full, today I measured just for the sake of this post.

In the end, all my meals are satiating and full of nutrients from the healthy fats a leafy greens without all the excess carbs. Hope this helps you form your own healthy habits and encourages everyone to embrace fat!


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