Sustainable Swim 2017 

It’s swimsuit season! I am so ready for some beach time but every year I can’t help but think about how many people flock to department stores to buy new swimsuits that will just go out of style or wear out by the next season. Stores likes Forever 21 and H&M sell swim suits for as low as $5, how is that possible? Well I’ll bet you it has a lot to do with unsafe labor conditions, unfair wages, pollution and non transparent prices.

I know how tempting it is to give in to the $5 swimsuits, I’m human too. I’ll admit it, I have in fact given in to it before, but this year I said I wouldn’t do that. I researched ecofriendly brands that do more good than harm and came up with some top brands! These picks are cute, sexy and sustainable. No one would know how eco conscious and sustainable they are, they don’t look like old people suits, some are way more skimpy than the most skimpy brands (eh em Boutine LA). So give these a try before you buy fast fashion. The earth and women in developing countries will thank you.

Top 11 Sustainable Swim Brands 

Mara Hoffman : classics, fun patterns and funky styles. This brand will not disappoint anyone.

All Sisters : just the classics, black and white statement swim.

Elle Evans : super groovy styles and summery patterns.

Vitamin A : who hasn’t heard of them? They are actually sustainable and have iconic suits that will never go out of style.

Naja : lingerie company that is doing swim! Most of their suits are more conservative but still so cute!

Bikyni : simple and affordable, but very cute/sexy.

Under protection : adorable patterns and shell shaped bikini tops. If you want something with more coverage, you can’t go wrong here.

ADay : sporty suits that can even be worn as body suits.

Carlyle the label :  Sexy sexy sexy, buy these to flaunt everything.

Le Buns : more sexy, simple pieces, love all their stuff.

Reformation : retro suits with modern day flare, these are all statement swimsuits, especially the high waisted and one piece styles.

Honorable mention : 

These brands do not explicitly say they are eco-conscious but I reached out to them and most told me that they are doing whatever they can and some donate to organizations that are protecting the environment and oceans. 

Acacia : pretty florals and on trend suits.

Stone fox : patterns, florals, some sexy pieces too. Epitome of California style.

Mikoh : simple pieces, cheeky bottoms and lots of styles that come in multiple colors to mix and match.

ASOS Eco Edit : Part of this huge brand’s mission to make eco fashion more available, they have a couple cute suits but not a lot of options.


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