Free Week of Workouts #3

Hey everyone, summer is here and it’s time to get outside and enjoy some sunshine. My favorite way to get outside a little more is to do my workouts outside at the park or incorporate them into walks with my dog. I’ve been doing a lot more cardio lately because I am officially training for a triathlon. I’ve still been doing my weight training though and believe that it is a great way to be balanced, toned, and have a great shape. 

With the more women I train, the more I realize how much women’s bodies thrive on doing waited circuit workouts that incorporate light weights and high reps. It’s a great way to build some muscle without getting super bulky. I personally tell all my women clients that I believe their concerns when they tell me they don’t want to add bulk. It is possible for women to get bulkier, something that the fitness industry tries to deny over and over again. Regardless of who you are, if you were using a rep range that is lower than 12-15 you will put on size. It is just biological, you will increase the size of your muscle fibers in response to training with heavy weights in a weight range of around 6-8. Just read the NASM book, (where I got my certification) rep ranges in the lower range, promote muscle growth. This is why all my workouts for women use lighter weights and keep the reps high.

I’m happy to share another week of free workouts. I have done these workouts myself and this week comes straight from the plan I created for my aunt who has already lost some weight and seen some muscle tone and all the right places. I personally work out three days a week and do circuits and then I add in another 3 to 4 days of cardio which is in the form of running and spin classes. I hope you guys enjoy these workouts and as always, contact me if you want an individualized fitness or nutrition plan!

Day 1: Full body

Repeat 4 times

10 burpees

30 sec side plank each side

15-20 hip thrusts with weight

10 pushups

12 bent over rows with weights

Day 2: Arms 

Repeat 4 times 

12 tricep dips on chair

10 bicep curls standing on one leg, 10 on other leg

10 pushups

15 squat to shoulder press 

10 burpees

Day 3: Legs

Repeat 4 times

10 backward lunges each side with weight

15 donkey kicks

15-20 air squats 

15 single leg deadlift

15 single leg hip thrust 


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