An update about me!

Hi guys!

I haven’t updated anyone about me in a while and I’ve had some big changes, I also haven’t been super active on the blog lately and wanted to explain why. Three huge things happened this summer. First, I got into UC Davis; second, my boyfriend graduated from UW Seattle; third, I moved from Seattle back to California with my boyfriend, our families and our dogs and then moved into Davis. It was a crazy summer of parties, moving and catching up with family and friends. It was a little hard to blog while celebrating and moving and I also kinda felt like I was out of my routine and didn’t have many new recipes or exciting products to share with you all.

That’s what has happened. Going forward, I am now settled into Davis, CA with my boyfriend Austin and our dog Hemingway. I am currently attending UC Davis to get my degree in Nutrition. I transferred in as a junior and have started classes that I love! I should graduate in about 2 years with a Clinical Nutrition BS degree and be able to do an internship and take the test to be a dietician. I also decided to join a sorority, crazy because I never thought I would. The recruitment process was intense but I got a bid from Delta Gamma and have met so many amazing women already, that it was all worth it.

I also haven’t been able to do any personal training with clients because I have been so busy. Now that things are settling down, I am auditioning to teach spin classes and maybe do some personal training here and there in Davis. I miss my job and definitely want to continue doing it part time.

About blogging… as you can probably see, I’ve been busy. Blogging is going to have to take a back seat right now. Between classes, studying, sorority events and work, I’m stretched a little thin. I love blogging though and I want to keep posting recipes and my workout routines. I plan to blog the workouts I do and some other info and recipes sporadically. I just might not be posting as regularly as I was. I also want to be genuine with everyone and not pretend I’m someone I’m not, I don’t eat perfectly all the time or just bust out recipes on the reg. I usually keep things super simple and do follow other bloggers recipes all the time. I also save room for ice cream and animal fries every now and then… like after these weird things I keep getting invited to, called parties 😉 .

Right now, I’m focusing on getting my degree and having a social life. Long term, I cannot wait to be a dietician so that I can run my business through here. I want to eventually use this site as a way to gain clients and help people individually through fitness and diet plans as well as having my own office to see clients. But these are long term goals, I am no where near having my own business yet! I also need some time to just be social, I’ve worked and done so much school in the past that I never got to make friends or see my family. Now that I’m back in California and in ΔΓ, I want to take advantage of the opportunities I have to make friends and hang with family.

Thank you all for supporting this blog and me, it makes me so happy when I hear that people actually follow what I do and feel comfortable asking me for advice. I always question my own knowledge and constantly try to learn more through school, books, the latest studies and I love sharing that knowledge with others in a more approaching and understandable way. So many new people I’ve met have asked me about blogging and every time, I say, “it’s really just something I do because I love it, I don’t have that many followers and it doesn’t matter much to me.” It’s really how I feel. I love posting what I do in the hopes that it might help others, or that it makes their life a little easier being gluten free or gives them a fun workout to do with friends. Long term, I hope to turn this blog into something bigger, but not right now.

So thank you to everyone for following me! Keep an eye out for a week of workouts, a pumpkin recipe and some product reviews on here and my Instagram. Also, my Instagram will now have a lot more personal photos (aka sorority photos) but I will still be public and posting my blog stuff too!

Love always,


NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Spinning Certified Spin Instructor

UC Davis Nutrition BS 2019


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