Free workout week! October 2017

Hey Fit fam!

So I’ve decided I’m going to post a free week of workouts once a month! That way you can theoretically repeat that week for the whole month if you wanted to and then get the new one for the next month. 

I will usually make these workouts with minimal equipment but there will definitely be light weights involved and sometimes things like pull up bars or steps. I’ll try to keep it to things that you have around the house or can improvise!

This week is a great one! I did it myself last week and was feeling the burn. Remember, you can always add more, do extra circuits or add cardio. I do these 3 days of strength training and then I do 3 days of cardio per week. 

Hope you enjoy the workouts! Happy training and happy Halloween…. remember to stay away from all the sugar that the holiday comes with!



Day 1 upper 

4 Rounds 

10 push-ups

10 burpees

15 Tricep extensions (weighted)

10 pull-ups (assisted)

20 side ways plank walk

15 shoulder press (weighted or in dolphin form)

15 Abdominal leg raises 

Day 2 lower

4 rounds 

20 squat side tap (hold squat and tap one leg out to the side)

20 plank with kick backs

20 weighted hip thrust 

20 side squat/lunges from platform (see my instagram)

15 bicycle abs 

15 donkey kicks weighted 

5 single leg hop each side (like a squat jump but with one leg)

Day 3 abs/total body

4 rounds 

20 scissor kicks 

15 squat thrusters 

20 weighted sit ups

15 bent over rows (weighted)

20 Russian twists (weighted)

10 burpee with squat jump 



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