November Free Week of Workouts

Hi guys!

I hope everyone got to try last months’ week of workouts! This week is a killer. This month I’ve been keeping my workouts quick and have actually been doing less cardio and more strength training. I decided not to compete in the triathlon because my shin splints started acting up and school has been intense. It’s also COLD and even I struggle with motivating myself to go running when it’s 40 degrees out.

That being said, life gets crazy sometimes… or all the time, but it’s important to keep up your routine. Working out is like therapy for me, but I know that’s not what all people think/feel. Just doing a small workout a day, or even taking a walk can help keep stress levels in check and release those endorphins that help control your hormones and make you feel good rather than anxious/stressed.

With the holidays coming around, we can all benefit from sticking to a routine and committing to half an hour of exercise a day. Even if it’s a quick walk! Most of us spend an hour or more easily in our phones or screens, if we use half that time to exercise, we could feel so much better! It might even help keep those holiday sweets cravings in control too!

So here’s 3 great workouts that you can use all month long! Also check out the outfit I’m wearing at @avomuse ! I recently discovered them and found out they they manufacture in the USA in ethical factories!

Day 1 legs

Complete the circuit 3-4 times

10 pistol squats (each side)

20 single leg hip thrusts (each side)

20 plank with booty kick back

15 step ups (each side)

20 sumo squat pulses

Day 2 Core/ total body

Complete the circuit 3-4 times

10 box jumps

20 plank row

10 walk out burpee

20 crunchs with weight hold at top

20 scissor kicks

Day 3 Arms

Complete the circuit 3-4 times

15 hammer curls (each side)

15-20 squat shoulder press

15 tricep kickbacks

20 v sits

20 thrusters


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