Conscious Holiday Gift Guide

Last year I made a sustainable gift guide for the holidays. This year I wanted to continue the tradition but add some new brands that I love and include more of my top picks fro each category. The holidays can be so stressful and shopping for those you love can be really difficult. As if the frenzy of shopping isn’t bad enough, we also have to think about the impact we are making by buying fast fashion or other impulse shopping decisions. The holidays are full of unnecessary waste, personally I tell people not to buy me gifts because it really is uneccesary and I want the holidays to be about spending time with loved ones, not about buying gifts. Buuuut, everyone enjoys getting gifts, and actually, studies show that people sometimes enjoy giving gifts more than receiving them because of the gratitude effect. When we buy gift for people, it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy and generous, and who doesn’t love that?

We can make this feeling even better by choosing gifts consciously. Instead of just going to Target or H&M and buying whatever is on sale, we can think about our choices more. What would that special person in your life actually like? By really thinking about something that will make them happy we can #1 please that person and maybe spend less than we were anticipating, #2 avoid the frantic last minute shopping and grabbing everything in site. #3 Allow ourselves to have time to enjoy the holidays and shop with intent rather than anxiety.

This year I encourage all of you to shop consciously. Write down all the people you have in your life that you are giving gifts to and write down a couple things they like. Choose something that is within your budget to buy them and then checkout my gift guide! I have categories for all loved ones. Accessories, clothes, shoes, housewares and sporty!

( Gift brands and stores are listed below each image. Click the brand names below the images for links to each item! )

For those that deserve Jewelry  

For the Accessory Lover 

For the Sporty Ones


Clothing that can’t go wrong 

Shoe Hoarders Wanted 

For the Home

Conscious Cosmetics 

  • Pacifica : natural lilac perfume.
  • Mineral Fusion: Affordable palette and great gift sets!
  • Pacha  : cute bath bombs, body scrubs and soap sets.
  • BullDog: Everything for a natural shave… and sets!



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